We stress the importance of a thorough vascular evaluation to assess your treatment options

Vein Ligation and Stripping

Occasionally certain veins simply cannot be treated by endovenous non-invasive techniques, sclerotherapy or a simple ambulatory phlebectomy. This is one of the reasons we feel it is essential for the patient to be evaluated by a trained vascular surgeon.

Ligation involves tying off a leaky underlying vein to allow visible varicose veins to collapse. It is a common procedure and is usually done in the office.

Vein stripping usually refers to surgical removal of the abnormal, refluxing greater saphenous vein, typically with two incisions. One of these incisions is in the groin and the other near the knee or ankle. A hospital ambulatory-surgery facility is typically used for this procedure. Although patients do very well with vein stripping, anesthesia is required, and there is often a significant recovery time. Rarely is this procedure required.