Don’t let varicose veins prevent you from enjoying exercise, activity or normal daily routines

Sonogram-Guided Sclerotherapy

Sometimes, a large, non-visible “leaky” abnormal vein that is causing visible, bulging varicose veins can be sealed with sclerotherapy (injection of a solution that collapses a vein). Because the vein cannot be seen with the naked eye, sonography is used to visualize this vein beneath the skin. On the sonogram screen, the doctor actually watches the needle and the sclerosant solution enter the vein.

Foam Sclerotherapy

This method of sclerotherapy (injection of a solution to collapse a vein) has grown in popularity recently, as techniques have become more advanced. A sclerosant solution is mixed with air to formulate a foam, which can be injected into an abnormal vein to seal it. The foam allows the solution to cling to the wall of the vein for a longer period of time, giving a more expedient result than with sclerotherapy. This method, in certain circumstances, allows larger veins to be treated with sclerotherapy effectively, with less sclerosant solution and with fewer treatment sessions.